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Photography for me goes back a long, long time ago somewhere around 6th grade when I used all of my spending cash during a Washington DC school trip, on nothing but film for my camera.  I came home with hundreds of photos, covering every detail of that trip and then some.  Like many photographers, I always had an artistic side.  I took every art class in high school, and when they ran out of classes, they made "advanced" classes just for me.  Drawing was my thing.  The only downside...I never wanted to do it for a living. It was a relaxing thing for me, and I didn't want to ruin it. 

Fast forward to 2008-ish when it finally dawned on me, that photography was legitimately something I loved, and the perfect way to exercise my creative juices, while keeping the pencil and pad for "me time".  This is also the same time I started dating my now wife and partner, Tina. Not long after, we launched my photography business. 

Today, over a decade later, I am a successful photographer specializing in weddings and engagements.  I have been honored with Weddingwire's "Couples Choice" award for 6 years straight (2015-2020). I have not only been published in Buffalo Wedding Magazine, but have made the cover as well.  I have also been published in a national hairstyle magazine for my work with a local salon.

Tina and I love working together to provide the most amazing, relaxed, stress free and fun experience to all of our couples. 

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