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Jessica + Dave's Wedding

I probably sound like a broken record when I tell everyone just how awesome each and every one of my couples are, but it's true! I get the best couples, and the best weddings! Jessica & Dave were certainly no exception! Every wedding day has a story! After tying the knot at the Queen of Martyrs in Cheektowaga. It rained during the entire ceremony. When the ceremony was over, the rain stopped. We decided to venture off to Knox Farms in East Aurora for photos with our fingers crossed the whole time, hoping the rain would hold off so we could get them some beautiful photos, which thankfully, it did. After Knox, we set off to New Era Field, for a couple shots outside (A must have for Bills fans!) before heading to the Reception venue around the corner, La Galleria. We jumped out, grabbed 3-4 quick photos, when the skies opened up and started POURING. We all made a mad dash back to the car and limo. A thrill to say the least! I am so glad mother nature held off for as long as she did, as we were able to everything we needed to get! Definitely one to remember! Enjoy!

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