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Melissa + Marc's Movie Star Wedding!

From the moment we sat down with Melissa & Marc, we knew they would be a ton of fun to work with, and when they explained their vision and plans to us for their big day, we were excited beyond belief! They chose to go the non-traditional route, and have a first look, photos, then the ceremony with the reception following right after. I started my day covering the girls getting ready at home. From there I went to Knox Farm State Park to meet up with Marc & his groomsmen to grab a few photos pf them before Melissa arrived for their "first look" (which went perfectly by the way!). After photos at Knox, it was a TREAT to visit the Aurora Theater & Popcorn Shop for more unique photo opportunities! Both the bride and groom spent time working at a movie theaters! Marc worked the concessions, and Melissa had the ticket counter covered. We were able to tie all of these things in and get some incredible shots making it all the more special! Next up was the ceremony and reception at O'Briens Sleepy Hollow. A quaint little gem off the beaten path. They were wed out in the grove, creek side. What a beautiful spot for a ceremony. The reception tent had just the right amount of movie themed accents throughout, and the party after didn't disappoint! Take a look for yourself!

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