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Brad & Drashti's Wedding Day

When I first met Brad & Drashti, I just knew how amazing they were going to be from the beginning! Funny story... One of the first things I learned about these two when we first sat down was, they were already married, legally. Drashti originally from India, came for school and became a Nurse, and Brad , originally from here was just wrapping up med school. Their plan was to legally marry first, then have a formal wedding/celebration in India with Drashti's family and friends back home in November 2017, followed by another wedding here several months later for Brads family and friends. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!! A lot of planning paid off because everything went off without a hitch! They went to India and had the most amazing celebration (I hear roughly 800 people participated), and their day here was just as amazing in it's own right. We were so happy that we got to be a small part of their wonderful love story. We hope you enjoy...

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