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Heather & Chi Chi's Wedding

Now THIS was a fun wedding! Before the ceremony, we did a first look in the Delaware Park Rose Garden along with some bridal party photos. For the ceremony, Heather changed into her grandmothers vintage wedding dress, along with a NINE FOOT veil! Of course it was windy that day, but Heather pulled it off like a champ! She was just short of being airborne for a second there! After the beautiful ceremony, It was time for another change! Heather, Chi Chi and all immediate family changed into more traditional Nigerian attire! For the intros at Marcy Casino, Heather & Chi Chi came in to a traditional Nigerian "Money Dance", where they were showered with money as they entered! After dinner, it was time for everyone to change back into their original attire for the rest of the night! I loved that they chose to include everyone and everything in this wedding, and did so with grace, as hectic as it was with having so many changes throughout the day. We are so glad we got to experience and capture this all for them!

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